Putting most of my belongings into storage while I’m between living spaces has proven to be a little challenging at times. It’s all the little things you don’t think about much that prove to be more important than anticipated. I decided not to pack my clippers that I use for my beard and other grooming, thinking I’ll just shave my face with a wet razor for a change. That hasn’t happened.

I also use the clippers for grooming downstairs. Now, I don’t want any lectures about hygiene. I shave my balls in the shower so the clippers only get used to trim my pubes short. Except we are now getting to a stage where I’d like to trim them but the clippers are in storage. On the weekend in preparation for the show, I used a hair removal cream on my legs and I was very tempted to just get rid of all my pubes with that but then changed my mind. Now I’m trying to decide what to do. I can’t exactly use some of my sister’s scissors or anything.

It’s funny how absurd vanity is at times. I’ve got less than three weeks til I’m back in my own space but this weekend I’m going on a hike with a nudist group. It would be my preference to be neatly groomed but that might just not be able to happen.