Just over a month ago I did my last couple of photo shoots outdoors until the weather starts to warm up again and one of those shoots was with Billy. We’d talked about doing a shoot 2.5 years before but the timing was bad as he was literally a week or so away from jetting off to Japan for work. Thankfully when he was planning a brief stint in Sydney before moving to London, he got in touch and wanted to organise the shoot.

Billy is the complete opposite of the blonde and tanned stereotypical Aussie. He’s very, very pale skinned and has really dark hair but he is absolutely beautiful. He has such an interesting combination of features and at times looks like a baby faced cherub while at others he’s definitely a strong-jawed man.

This shoot was his second nude shoot and the way his pale skin plays off the green bushland is just gorgeous. The shoot was very short and we actually spent a lot longer getting to and from the shoot than the actual shoot. At one point we heard some female hikers walking down the trail towards us but they must have turned left at the bottom instead of right and we never startled them with a nude man.

Billy is the “Lost Boy” in this new download that I’ve released today. It’s available along with all of my other downloads from my online shop. Have a browse and buy a few of them.