Phase one of my moving house has happened and this week sees me happily in at my sister’s house with her family. As much as I would have loved to move straight from my old place in to the new place, I think this stopover with family will be great.

Sure, there is a definite lack of freedom and I don’t know how much I’ll be able to relax and enjoy a wank without worrying that someone will knock on the door but that’s ok.

I’m sure my life has baffled my family at times. Why don’t I have a partner? Why do I dangle from the roof doing circus in my 40’s? etc etc. I’ve never doubted though that my family love and support me. I had many offers from friends to stay at their place but I’m much more comfortable inconveniencing my family. They have to like me. Luckily I also really get on well with my brother in law. Way back in the day before he and my sister were married the three of us all lived together in the one house along with another lady. We had a great time in that house.

I think this 5 weeks will be good for my soul here. Being around other people forces you to be less selfish.