Someone added me to a gay Sydney Facebook group a while back and for the most part I pretty much ignore the notifications. Quite often it’s about parties or things that aren’t really my cup of tea. There are often posts from guys newly arrived in Sydney looking to meet friends in a new city.

In the past month or so I’ve noticed a few messages from people that have made me think “Wow, that feels a bit desperate.” The messages are from guys looking for a partner and sure, maybe things are getting lost in translation but while I might put a call out on Facebook to see if anyone knows of a job going or even somewhere to live, I’m not going to just shout out to random strangers for a husband.

I have 27 years, im brazilian and im looking for relationship in australia
“Hi I am André and I am looking for a Life time partner kisses from André!
“Single, Anyone
“Can I find my partner here?
Those are the messages that really caught my notice. Now I realise that there are possibly some cultural differences involved and I dare say one or two of them might be looking for a ticket out of wherever they are now and a Visa for here but wow.