You could be forgiven for thinking that dancers were never taught to count from one to four, skipping straight to five. On the day we did this shoot there was a lot of counting from five to eight, even though I’m not a dancer. To be honest I should have asked them why they don’t use the first four digits in dance because I am very curious.

This was one of my biggest shoots ever. Three models, a friend filming, three different looks and a WHOLE LOT of mess. It took about threee hours to do the shoot and about a week for my boss to stop complaining about the mess I’d made of the studio after all the coloured powder went EVERYWHERE.

I’ve decided to release a few more older shoots in amongst the newer ones as downloads over the next month or two. It not only helps me keep up with the weekly schedule while it’s freezing cold here in Sydney and not photographing as much but it also helps me share more images with you all. Before releasing these downloads I was only sharing a handful of images from each shoot and now, if you buy the download you see 40 or more usually. Talk about good value!

This download, JUMP is now available for you!