QAMA Magazine is an online art magazine that a friend started last year. It’s been the instigator for me to start exploring erotic photography which I hadn’t really done before. My series (Don’t) Look was the first series I submitted for QAMA, followed by CybEROTICA. Next up was the RED erotic duo series.

A few months ago Ali, the friend that started QAMA asked me if I wanted to be the guest editor on the next issue. That was a daunting task but the first step was to decide on a theme for the edition. It took me a while of throwing ideas around but I settled on “Cliché”. What happens when you subvert that cliché? Can you pay homage to a stereotype while cutting it in half? Clichés evolve for a reason. They are an easy way to explain a pattern of behaviour or a lack of originality.

I put calls out to my network on social media and was pleasantly surprised. Along with my own series “Camp” featuring the gorgeous Tate Ryder I received submissions from two other photographers, a couple of illustrators, a painter who did a collaboration with a poet and another friend doing his best to subvert the clichés of tourist souvenirs. Go and sign up for a free account on Issu so you can check out the full magazine (it does contain my erotic series with Tate) and show some love to the other artists involved.

The images of Tate above are just a little modest sample of what you can find in the magazine and in a couple of weeks I’ll be releasing the full download of the shoot which is beautiful and sexy as hell.