Mirco is an Italian guy that I found through the Instagram of another photographer friend. When you picture an Italian guy it is more like Mario and Luigi from Mario Kart than the blonde, blue eyed almost Scandinavian look that Mirco has but apparently it’s not unusual in some parts of Italy. He also has the exact accent that you imagine. It sounds fiery and passionate even when he’s just saying hello and I love it.

We took over the rooftop terrace of a friend’s newly renovated house for this shoot and Mirco was fantastic. He lay precariously along the top of the terrace wall above a little back street. Heaven knows what the neighbours would have thought if they’d looked up.

This download is all about that lazy day you have at home, wandering all over the house, pottering around naked. A nap in the sunshine streaming into the terrace, capturing the last rays of the day. When we are at home alone we are our most un-guarded and free. If you feel comfortable in your own home on a nice day, why would you bother wearing anything? Mirco certainly looks beautiful doing exactly that. Get the download now, along with all the others. There are men for all different types in the 25 downloads now available.