This morning I was having a bit of a quiet morning on the lounge before getting all the stuff done that I needed to when the doorbell rang. It’s rare for anyone to ring our doorbell on a Saturday morning when we aren’t expecting visitors. Sadly it wasn’t anyone hot to come and inspect my plumbing. It was an older lady in her 60’s and a young man in his 20’s asking if we were looking for answers in life.

Years ago I heard of a colleague answering the door to the Jehovas Witness door-knockers in just some old underwear. Apparently without him even planning it or realising, one of his testicles had dropped out of his underwear and the woman took off very quickly with the guy following quickly behind. If I’d known who was knocking at the door I would have gotten nude and answered the door. As it was I realised instead of just saying we weren’t interested and closing the door quick smart, I should have just said we were about to have a gay orgy. Such a missed opportunity.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people having a faith but please don’t come and bother me on my Saturday morning to force your ideas down my throat. Isn’t it that sort of indoctrination that the anti-gay people are always banging on against with gays having kids?