In my time in Sydney I have moved many times. I’ve lived in ten different places since I moved out of home, at one point moving three times in twelve months. No one likes moving but sometimes you just have to do it. This time around, particularly because I have to stay at my sister’s for six weeks I am putting things in storage and being rather ruthless in my culling process. All the magazines I’ve been carting around for years are in the recycling. Even all my photos from when I lived in London and did my first real travel have all been thrown out. They were taken on a shitty camera, are old school printed photos that take up way too much space and I just never looked at them.

There is something to be said for photographic evidence of your memories and events but hanging on to things you never look at is pointless. These days I try and put my travel photos into books that you can so easily put together and get printed. They take up less space and I personally believe you are more likely to look at them.

Once you take a step back and look critically at the things you own it’s quite easy to get rid of things. There have been sets of bed sheets, a couple of blankets and lots of clothes donated to charity this time around as well so at least not everything is going to waste. It’s nice to be able to do even something small to help people.

It’s unlikely my life will ever be completely devoid of clutter, both physical and emotional but it’s nice to clear a bit of breathing space from time to time.