There are times when I see a model and an idea comes to me almost immediately about how I want to photograph them. Eamon is one of those models. I’d seen his work with a bunch of other Sydney photographers and it took a long time for us to arrange a time to actually get the shoot done. On the actual day he was a bit nervous because of a bit of a skin breakout but that we can deal with in photo shop when necessary.

His full sleeve tattoo suggested something edgy and nothing is more stereotypical edgy and rock’n’roll than tattoos and studs. Nothing is more rock’n’roll than being a stud. Eamon is beautifully built and has the muscles and the equipment to be a stud. So studs it was. I promise they are only glued on. There was no piercing done for this shoot despite how it looks. Several people have commented that they look like actual piercings.

“Stud” is now available as a download pdf to buy from my shop along with all the other pdf’s full of gorgeous nude men. There is quite a collection of downloads to choose from now with men for all tastes!