The process of packing to move house has begun. Because of the necessity to store things between moving out of this place and moving into the next, for about 6 weeks is encouraging me to be cutthroat in culling the things I don’t use. For years I’ve been carrying around a collection of old photography magazines full of celebrity nudes. I always thought I would treasure them and thought wistfully that they might become collectors items. They haven’t and even if they have, they now sit in my recycling bin. I realised I don’t care about them any more.

Before I threw them out I went through them one last time looking for a particular image. The image was treasured in my memory banks from the 18-20 odd years ago that I bought the magazine. This morning when I went looking for it to find out the name of the photographer and see if I could find the image online, I was surprised that it is slightly different to how I remember it but as you can see above, still beautiful.

The lines of the figure in the water are beautiful. So many times I see underwater images where the model looks awkward, like they are trying to stay underwater or not “fall over” in the water. This male nude looks like he’s made to glide through the water. The artist, Craig Holmes, is based up on the sunshine coast of Queensland, mostly shooting weddings and portraits but thankfully he had this image that I so fondly remembered on his website.

I don’t have the money or the equipment to take up underwater photography but this image (Male nude, Lake McKenzie) makes me want to.