My housemate is at his boyfriends all weekend this weekend which also happens to be a three day weekend here in Sydney. On Friday night I was horny and found a guy online that I’d been chatting to about connecting. When we started the conversation he was about 600m away and then he said he was on his way over. At 130m away according to Scruff he stopped. Now sometimes it just doesn’t update properly and next thing you know your gentleman caller is on your doorstep. Not this time. Ten minutes later he was 1.3km (not far from a mile) away.

Today a guy messaged and was trying to organise a bit of a small group for midday. Perfect. At 11am he goes offline. At midday he isn’t 260m away like he had been. No. This one went further away. Thirty-two kilometres. Seriously what the actual fuck is going on? Now, before you all shout “get off the apps, they are a waste of time” I know. They really are but having not had more than a blow job in 6 months things are getting a little ridiculous. I’m not wildly horny at the moment but I’m trying to kick start my mojo. I also find when I haven’t had sex for a while, that is when I feel my most lonely and verging towards desperate for a boyfriend. Which is where I’ve been lately.

Fingers crossed tomorrow I have the fortitude and the mood to take myself off to the bathhouse for a while. At least there I can relax in a steam room, jacuzzi, watch some porn and hopefully get some action. Why on earth do I find it so hard to get laid in Sydney when on holidays I find it much easier. Granted there is a lot of stress going on in my life at the moment and on holidays I’m relaxed but this is getting out of hand. Or sadly, my hand is the only place my dick is getting.