Now, Yass Queen is not an expression I like, let alone use. It feels like one of those affected things that some of “the gays” do, quoting Ru Paul etc etc etc. We have a little Twinky gay boy working in the office who speaks in meme and instagram language and it drives me nuts. Officially making me feel old, I don’t understand the baby gays any more.

One thing in the gay world that I absolutely love is the new reboot of Queer Eye. They are all great guys and Antoni and Caramo are super sexy and Tan is cool. Bobby the interiors guy could totally hang out and work his magic in my house if I owned one. Then there is Jonathan who I thought was going to drive me crazy but his total over the top camp fabulousness is totally not fake and just who he is. He is fucking adorable and I would nominate myself for them to come and overhaul if I lived in the US.

It turns out the boys are in Australia at the moment an in a moment of pure PR perfection they were spotted filming in the Australian semi-rural town of Yass filming, thus being YASS Queens! I have to say I love that.

I’m not sure if the point of them being in Australia is just a publicity tour but apparently they are making over a pub in Yass and I suspect if that’s the case, they are making over the licensee as well. It’s just so cool! Their new series starts on Netflix in a few weeks and I’m excited!