With winter now upon us here in Sydney limiting my options for photo shoots, and the lack of a free photo studio that I was lucky enough to enjoy for several years, maintaining the output of releasing a download every week is getting quite impractical. I have some shoots prepared and ready to go as downloads and a lot of guys tentatively lined up for photo shoots but I am thinking of possibly dropping the releases back to once every two weeks to give me a bit more breathing space.

It sounds like a copout but I have a full time job and it now looks almost certain that I’m going to have to move house twice in the next two months. Once will be putting my belongings into storage and staying at my sisters until we can get access to the new apartment. Unfortunately due to poor timing there is a 6 week gap between the two.

So, how would we all feel about that? I know it’s not going to affect a huge number of people but I want to gauge the response before I decide.

It is a lot of fun doing all the shooting that I have been doing. It’s definitely the highest output of photo shoots that I’ve ever done and it’s forcing me to look at things differently. Fingers crossed you are all liking it.

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