There are some amazing perks to living here in Australia. We are blessed with short winters, long summers, a fantastic outdoor lifestyle and much much more. One of the major downsides is just how far we are from so many people and places.

In the past few years I’ve become much more confident about approaching people to photograph them, even if I think there is no chance of me being able to work together because they are a professional model and too expensive or too far away. People travel a lot these days so you never know.

Niko Wirachman is a German model and performer living in London. I messaged him saying that I’d love to work with him if we are ever in the same place and he replied! He apparently loves my photography which is a great compliment from someone who has worked with some very talented photographers.

If my European adventures happen next year maybe I’ll try and swing by London for a day or two to photograph him and catch up with my friends.