Sorry that posting has been a bit sparse this week. It’s been one of “those” weeks where I just felt a bit flat, stressed, tired and grumpy. That doesn’t make for good blogging.

There is still a lot of stress around the living situation at the moment. Through a breakdown in communication my current housemate didn’t realise I may not be able to get in to my new place til the end of July, so he’s got someone moving in at the end of June. So there is a chance that I may need to put all my stuff in storage and go and stay with my sister for 4-5 weeks. Obviously that’s not ideal.

I’m a bit stressed about the performance night the circus school is having because I’m supposed to be organising it as well as being MC and performing.

To be honest, nothing is a big problem. I’m just feeling a little swamped at the moment. I’m sure that once the living situation is all sorted and I’m in the new place and the show is done that will all settle down and I’ll be back to my cheery self. There is also the possibility that the sudden onset of cold weather here, late as it is, has made me gloomy. I’m definitely solar powered and happier in warm weather. At least, as vague and distant as the plans are, I have the thought of a European adventure to look forward to.