Two weeks ago, Perth based performer Sam Madame was in town to do shoots with myself and a bunch of other Sydney photographers. What do you do when you are presented with a beautiful, chiselled, handsome man with a good body to photograph? Make him really uncomfortably cold apparently.

We had found some reference that we both liked to use as our starting point. It helped Sam get in character as a windswept, lost figure on the bleak coastline because it was really windy and cold the morning we did the shoot. Sam was very tolerant of the ridiculously cold conditions given it was just over a week before the official start of Winter but when I asked him to get in the water, that’s when he really struggled. Not very nice of me I know and I wouldn’t like me after that, that’s for sure.

Thankfully we are both really happy with the results of the shoot. I promise next time I work with him I’ll keep it warm and comfortable in a studio environment.

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