There is a very strange phenomenon online these days where when someone gets their advances rejected, no matter how politely they turn incredibly violent and abusive. In the most extreme cases it spills over into the real world with men murdering girls that have turned them down.

Last week I was looking at people’s Instagram stories when I saw a screenshot of the abuse someone received just because he wouldn’t send them nudes. “You’re ugly as fuck” “You look like you got HIV when you were ten” “You body is that of a 50 year old pensioner””I’ll slit your throat from ear to ear”.

How on earth do you go from being attracted to someone so much that you ask them for nudes, to threatening to kill them and being irrationally vicious about their appearance? What the fuck is wrong with people?

Thankfully I haven’t had to endure anything like this. We’ve all had some dodgy and slightly scary encounters online but this is absolutely vile.