This woman has provided many amazing memories throughout the last 31 years. Since she released Locomotion in 1987 and was derided in the press for being a flash in the pan, she’s constantly proven herself tackling different styles of music and selling out massive tours. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but she’s mine. I’m not one of the new generation of fans that send death threats to anyone who criticises their idol but if anyone spouts bullshit about Kylie not being able to sing, I’ll shout you down.

One thing I don’t think she should be doing is acting. She may have found fame acting in Neighbours but she’s made some awful movies.

Regardless, today she turns 50 and looks absolutely incredible for it. She seems to have eased up on the botox these days which leaves her looking much more natural and still just as gorgeous.

In honour of her birthday, below is her new music video for “Golden” from her latest album of the same name. Now I’m just waiting for her to release tour dates for here in Australia. C’mon Kylie!