I promise to keep up the pace of releasing a download every week for as long as I can. Today I photographed what may be the last outdoor nude until after winter. It feels a bit mean to be getting models naked outdoors in Winter which officially starts in a few days here in Sydney.

Today’s release is Philippe which I photographed a little over two years ago. He took me by surprise with his gorgeous looks and dark skin when he announced he was from the Ukraine. Quite possibly I’m a bit ignorant about geographic and racial mixes but I wasn’t expecting a black man to come from Eastern Europe.

The morning we shot this, you can see a yacht in the background of a few of the shots and it turns out it was some friends who spent the night on the water. Later in the day I spent the day on the water with them, naked as the day I was born. Bliss.

Photographing the gorgeous Philippe nude that morning was just so lovely. He’s now enjoying some success in the U.S. Sadly I don’t expect to see him back here in Sydney any time soon because it would be fun to work with him again. If you want to see all of Philippe, and he does go frontal in this series, head on over to my shop to buy the download.