Given that I have not long started a new job and won’t really be able to plan any decent holidays this year I’m now looking towards next year.
In the past I’ve spoken about my plan to do an international trip every two years with a domestic in between. So far the domestic plan hasn’t worked out with one “domestic” year being hijacked for a trip to Bali for a friend’s 40th which was great fun. This year’s is being sacrificed to the working gods.
Of course, my travel plans always include some options for getting naked as much as possible and the timing works well for escaping Australia’s winter and enjoying some warmth on my butt in Europe. At this stage after a conversation with a  well travelled, nude-inclined friend of mine I’m thinking of Corsica or Sardinia, Sicily, Portugal and possibly finishing off with a few days in a gay clothing optional B&B in the South of France that I’ve read about.
Obviously it will depend on costs and timings but I think it’s workable. There is also the option of doing another Saltyboys gay clothing optional sailing trip and after speaking to them they are likely to do a trip in Sardinia or Corsica which would work perfectly.
The spanner in the works is that I’m also thinking of a safari in Africa. SO much of the world to see.
Anyone got any suggestions?