In all the years that I’ve been quite open about my naked tendencies I’ve become acutely aware of just how uncomfortable some people are with nudity. Anyone that has read this blog for a while will realise that I’m pretty much an open book. Oversharing is probably a term that some people might use. When I finally acknowledged that I was into guys it was only six months later that I had come out to everyone in my life at the time.

Through that openness about my love of being nude, I have met many people who are also keen to strip off. Tonight one of those friends, who I have photographed a couple of times, posted a photo on Facebook. He is travelling for work and staying in a hotel where the minibar attendant walked into his room and found him nude. The photo he posted was an apology note and a bottle of wine to say sorry. I have absolutely no doubt that the poor woman who saw him was way more concerned about the situation than he was.

Of course, if someone else is not comfortable with the nudity of the situation then that makes me uncomfortable. This is the reason that I don’t walk around nude in front of my current housemate. Being caught naked is one thing but forcing nakedness on someone who doesn’t appreciate it is another thing entirely.

My friend has done well out of it though. A free bottle of wine for something that caused him absolutely zero concern is a pretty good result.