Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful Antonio. As I mentioned in a previous post he was absolutely adorable and I may have fallen a little bit in love with him. Of course he’s back on the other side of the world performing and I’m fairly unlikely to see him again sadly.

Well now it’s your turn to enjoy the photos I captured of this beautiful man in this week’s download, BALANCE. I’m really happy with these photos and even happier we didn’t get arrested taking them. We were seen as it was a fairly public place in Wollongong on a beautiful morning. To be able to witness first hand this incredible athlete in control of his body, upside down and nude was a genuine privilege.

Antonio is a great example of someone shaking up preconceived ideas. I’m not usually into a lot of tattoos or piercings on a guy but he has fairly modest stretchings/plugs in his ears and a lot of tattoos but he carries it all off very well. When I saw him perform in the show Limbo he looked almost cocky but in person he’s softly spoken, genuine, and just divine. Apparently I’m still not over my crush.

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