We all know how Grindr works. Mostly endless chat with very little mutual gratification, often served with some attitude, rudeness or if you’re lucky a few nice cock shots.

Even though it is usually about getting naked and getting off I have heard of some mythical beings meeting their partners on the apps and forging a relationship which is nice to hear, as it is to hear that people actually get to meet someone for sex rather than the time wasting etc that seems so prevalent.

Over the weekend someone messaged me and we were doing a tiny bit of chat. He asked what I was looking for which at the time was some quick casual no strings fun. He said he was looking for a boyfriend. Sure, it’s not unheard of on Grindr. Then he asked me how to go about it and that my friends is when I was stumped.

Firstly he was asking someone whose profile clearly says “single” on it how to get a boyfriend. Possibly not a great start, especially had he known I’ve been single and had barely any dates in 7 years. Secondly, isn’t asking someone on Grindr how to find a boyfriend like going to McDonalds and asking for weight loss advice? It just doesn’t seem a natural fit to me.

Points for trying mate.