It seems the world is hell bent on being science deniers. Why teach evolution when you can teach creationism? Why do good things for the planet when you can deny climate change and champion the use of coal? The Australian government has been cutting funding to science in recent years which is awful.
Thankfully there is a scientific stronghold fighting the good fight for sensible, rational research. Buzzfeed. If you’re a reader of Buzzfeed, you’ll know that by picking your favourite from a series of multiple choice images, you can without doubt, scientifically predict just about anything.
Sadly for me, in the past few weeks, Buzzfeed has confirmed through three different highly scientific studies (i.e. Multiple choice questionnaires) that I will be single for life. I will never find love and nor will I have a Marvel Superhero husband. Can you imagine how devastating it has been to know with such certainty that I will never be Mr Hemsworth, Mr Pratt or Mr Evans… Not even Mr Hiddleston?
I’m crushed. It could take some time to get over this.