Sydney’s summer was long and hot. Unusually so. As a result, people like me who are solar powered enjoy the longer period of beautiful weather. With summer feeling like it was never going to end, I just kept planning photo shoots.

Oops. All of a sudden, Autumn has hit hard. Tomorrow is going to be a lot cooler than it was even just last week. Compared to other parts of the world we have very mild winters so even the shoots that I have planned in the next few weeks outdoors are not going to be life threatening but I do hope the models don’t hate me too much afterwards. I hope they are ok after I get them nude on beaches and outdoors.

The way I make it up to them is to buy them a hot breakfast after their shoot to warm them up. God knows I can’t afford to be sued for giving them hypothermia.

By the time I have the planned outdoor shoots completed we will only be a few days away form the official start of Winter. Oops.