People. My god they make me wonder at times.
Having this blog and sharing my life and my photography has meant I’ve had some fairly strange interactions over the years. Most of the interactions I have are fantastic, but there are times I’m left shaking my head. From people wanting a photo shoot with a massage attached, to people just being plain rude. Thankfully my trolls all disappeared a while back. It’s one of the benefits of a declining readership.
There are a handful of people who have asked if I will be starting an onlyfans page, or suggesting I start one. It’s not something I plan on doing at this stage. Most of my shoots don’t result in the kind of content that people want from an onlyfans page and I’m certainly not putting myself jerking off on there. For the most part, onlyfans leaves me a bit cold. I have been following people for a month and then switching my subscription to someone else to see their content. Dylan Rosser has a lot of great content of shoots he does with beautiful models but pages of just one guy jerking off or even fucking gets a bit dull.
To watch other people’s onlyfans I have an account but I have absolutely nothing on there myself. So you can imagine my surprise when I got a notification that someone had subscribed to my page. Didn’t they notice I had nothing on there? I hope they aren’t going to patiently wait for me to post heaps of raunchy content because it’s not happening.