On Saturday, as I posted about before, I did a shoot with Tate Ryder who has now retired from studio porn work. He is however still doing an Onlyfans page. So we did a shoot for me for the next issue of QAMA Magazine that I’m dying to show you but I need to hold off until the magazine comes out. Trust me it’s hot.

We also did a bunch of different shots for him to use on his page. To say that Tate is a good looking man is an understatement. I have no idea what his ethnic background is but it’s working a treat. He has the most amazing eyes and beautiful lips and jawline. From the time when I first met Tate and photographed him (before his porn career, using his real name) when he was a skinny guy, he’s worked incredibly hard on his body and has totally transformed it. He is now a qualified Personal Trainer so it makes sense that he looks the way he does.

It also makes perfect sense to photograph him looking sexy as fuck, preferably naked. Tate isn’t one to mess with boring conventions. He’s not afraid of being bold and creative and you can see that in the “outfits” he brought to the shoot. He freely admits that one of his inspirations is Francois Sagat who is also never one to stick to the rules of masculinity. As a result we had a lot of laughs on this shoot. Even Tate wondered if a rainbow neck pillow as a headpiece might be too much but I said no way.

Working with guys who have done porn is a lot of fun. You can pretty much suggest anything and they will at least think about it. At one point towards the end of the shoot when we’d got all the erect stuff we needed and just had a couple more shots to do, I turned around and Tate was filming himself jerk off and cumming on the floor of the studio. Hilarious.