Keeping up with a download a week may not be a sustainable thing but for now it’s working and I have enough shoots lined up for a while. The latest download to be released is On The Rocks, featuring the gorgeous Lucas. Sometimes there is no discussion before a shoot about whether they are going to go frontal or not, sometimes there is. When I asked Lucas if he was interested in modelling for me and if he was comfortable posing nude, he replied with photos that he’d done with other photographers showing everything. Easy done. After a little more chat it became apparent that he was fine with getting an erection for the shoot too. This is not a shy Brazilian.

So one Sunday morning, after a failed attempt at doing the shoot on the Saturday because of a dead phone (ie no alarm or way for me to call him) we set off to a nude beach here in Sydney. It wasn’t the warmest of mornings but as you can see Lucas was very comfortable posing and looked beautiful doing it.

As you can see, I’m getting over my aversion to shooting guys with tattoos. There doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid them these days as so so so many people have lots of them.

If you want to buy On the Rocks, or any of the other downloads of prints from my shop just click here! We are already up to the 19th download and they seem to be gaining in popularity which is great. I’m very glad that people seem to be enjoying them. With FOUR shoots now lined up for next weekend alone, and more after that, there is no sign of downloads slowing down just yet.