There are a lot of things in the gay world that cause distress. When a guy with a tiny cock and a great butt tells you he’s a top, or a guy with a huge cock who tells you he’s a total bottom. You have to stop yourself asking if they’re joking.

Something that isn’t confusing or entertaining is someone who has the right equipment for the job they like to do but not the skills. Like someone owning a race car but only driving it to the shops and back. Today I heard a story of a man who has a reputation for being rather blessed in the dick department. It’s huge. Today I spoke to someone who has had the pleasure of making use of the equipment but sadly, tells me that the owner of the equipment doesn’t seem to have done the course in how to use it.

Everyone that buys a high end sports car should take it out on a race track and be taught how to use it as it was designed and the same should go with a bigger than average dick. Some guys, and we’ve all met them, seem to think that the equipment alone makes them a good lover. You can’t just ram away with something like that, nor can you be so timid that there’s no fun involved.

So you blessed gents, listen to your partner. If they are in pain, stop. If they say harder, then go harder. Pay attention and learn.