This afternoon I’m working with a model that I’ve worked with a couple of times before, porn model Tate Ryder. Not only is Tate a lovely guy, he’s hot as hell.

There will be two parts to this afternoon’s shoot. The first will be more for my use for the upcoming issue of QAMA Magazine and a subsequent download. Then I believe we are shooting some content for Tate’s onlyfans page. Who knows where that element of the shoot is going? I do know it will be hot. Even if there wasn’t much concept behind it, Tate always looks hot and today will be no different.

Of course when I do a shoot with someone as gorgeous as Tate, I want to share the images as soon as possible but QAMA won’t be out for nearly two months. There is a chance that I might use a different shoot I have planned for that which means I’ll be able to use the Tate shoot sooner. Who knows? Whatever the case it’s going to be great to catch up with Tate again as we haven’t really seen each other since this last shoot nearly four years ago to the day. He’s also making a bit of a porn comeback having just been overseas recently filming and he’s going again in about a month.