Revenge porn is something that has only really been a “thing” for a relatively short time. In the past anyone that had images of you they had to print them and send them to someone to show them and cause any drama. These days a few clicks and they are online.

Last week I was sent a link to a Tumblr post that someone had seen of someone they knew. I vaguely know this guy as well but not well enough to make any real assumptions about him. My gut instinct about him isn’t an amazing impression but again, largely uninformed.

Word on the street is that he’s a serial gold digger, only dating wealthy older guys to get stuff out of them. My guess is that one of them decided that was pretty shit, and I have to say I agree with him, and decided to get back at him somehow. Now that’s just a theory but to me it seems logical.

I’ve never been able to properly wrap my head around the idea of a sugar daddy. A boyfriend that you love and have a genuine connection with who happens to be wealthy and possibly older, sure. But I find it pretty morally icky to be with someone just because they are wealthy and can give you stuff. I actually have a problem with it from both sides. As a romantic I could never be with someone who was only with me for money, nor could I be with someone just because they could buy me nice things.

If you asked this young guy if he’d be an escort I’m pretty sure he’d say no and be offended, but isn’t dating someone for financial benefit pretty much the definition of it? I know several escorts and sex workers and that is a very honest way to earn a living. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see chasing sugar daddies as a legit way to live.