There have been many times over my adult life where I have gone a long time without sex. I’m currently in the middle of one of those dry spells.
For me I need to be feeling good to have casual sex and at the moment I don’t. I feel old and tired and out of shape. That needs to change because it’s just not healthy and I need to feel fit, healthy and strong for a performance that I have in about 9 weeks time. Also because I just shouldn’t feel so shit. It’s not fun.
I’ve also noticed that I’m meeting people and seeing far too many of them as potential romances. It’s a bit of a chicken or the egg situation with me. I feel lonely and like I want something more than casual sex, but if I had sex and had some physical contact the loneliness would probably lift a bit even though casual sex and intimacy can be very different things.
One thing I have learnt over the years is not to push it. I’ll come out the other side and get my mojo back soon enough. It is just a matter of looking after myself and making sure I’m ok both mentally and physically. Sex will happen again… one day.