When you get to witness something that you don’t usually get to see, it’s a pretty cool experience. When that something is an amazing sexual connection between a real life couple, it’s more than cool. It’s beautiful and sexy as hell.

Paz and Tony are a real couple and they approached me on Instagram. We threw some ideas around and I saw a playful photo one of them posted on Instagram in their bedroom and that was what we settled on. Of course the shoot ended up a little less playful and more PLAYful than anticipated but we got some stunning images.

If you buy the download “BED” you will see that they went about as far as it’s possible to go without needing lube and even then I didn’t think they were going to stop. All the while I was just shooting frame after frame after frame. We would stop every now and then for them to catch their breath and to change the setup, position etc a little bit.

This download is one of the biggest I’ve released and definitely the most sexual. As a result it does cost a tiny bit more. Believe me it’s well worth it. Enjoy. I know I did. I was very flustered when I got home.