There’s no real revelation when I suggest that as gay men we do love cock. As I’ve mentioned before, every time I post a hot guy on Instagram someone asks if there are cock shots.

So I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I logged into the back end system of my website to check on sales of downloads. If there were any pdf’s that I thought might have been the highest sellers it would be the ones like Mike, Mike… again, and the others featuring full frontal. Sure Beach Days and (Don’t) Look are in the top four but the number one spot is taken by the gorgeous Jorge in Argentinian Beef and in at number 3 is Jungle Boys featuring Lucas and Myles. Neither of those downloads have any full frontal.

I guess it stands to reason when Argentinian Beef is also my highest watched behind the scenes video on YouTube. It goes to show that sometimes you guys aren’t ALL about the cock and maybe a set of good photos speaks for itself.

With 6 more shoots planned the next 15 days I aim to keep giving you all some beautiful images to enjoy! I already have four pdf’s ready to be released so if all goes well with the planned shoots I have the next 10 weeks of releases sorted with at least four more tentatively planned. So much fun!