Finally, something I’ve been looking to make happen, is going to happen. Today I told my housemate that I’ve found somewhere else to live. If it all goes to plan I’ll be moving all of 100 metres so getting to stay in the area that I love.

Even better news is the fact that the guy I’ll be sharing an apartment with is also a bit of a nudie. He and his partner have just done a sailing trip with Saltyboys who I sailed nude through Croatia with a few years ago.

We’ve chatted about it and I don’t think either of us will be sitting around the house nude 24/7 but I certainly won’t be bothering with pants for my first morning coffee or to walk between the bathroom and my bedroom.

The exact timing is yet to be worked out dependent on when the tenant currently in the apartment moves out. Fingers crossed we get to move in when we are planning. Bring on the new change. I think this will do wonders for my state of mind.