Sometimes keyboard warriors do great things, fighting for justice. Mostly they are just looking to be outraged when there is no reason to be at all.

Today here in Australia is ANZAC Day. That stands for Australian and New Zealand Armed Corps and is essentially our equivalent to the U.S. Memorial Day or Veterans Day (not sure which). Someone posted a message saying “Happy Anzac Day” on the page of a Sydney nudist group I’m in on Facebook, accompanied by a photo of genuine Army men, in their berets, standing nude in a river. They were covering their privates (pun intended).

A keyboard warrior thought it was highly inappropriate and disrespectful to use the image and to say “Happy Anzac Day”. Um no. Most Aussie diggers would think it was funny to use that image and are renowned for larrikin behaviour. As for saying happy Anzac Day, our whole country remembers the fallen, and pays tribute to their efforts and those of all our service people. We also have barbecues, drinks, a Gambling game that is illegal any other day of the year and have a great day. Is having fun and enjoying the freedom our forces have fought for being disrespectful? I don’t think so.