I have to admit that I’m a creature of habit and sometimes take some pushing to get myself out of my comfort zone. It’s a talent of mine to say no to invitations to parties where I won’t know anyone.

Going on the hike a few weeks ago with the Get Naked Australia group was pushing myself but I do love meeting new nudie mates so it was an easy challenge. So when my small group of nudie mates were talking about going on an adventure somewhere for some mid-autumn nude time I was really keen but it was looking like quite an adventurous hike. I’m not feeling very fit at the moment and feel self conscious about it even though I’m hardly the least fit person in the world. Compared to the rest of them in their early thirties and less I felt like I might be out of my league. That was completely silly because no one cared how fast or slow we took it and I kept up fine.

The mate that had been to this spot before missed the correct start of the very steep and relatively challenging trail so at times we weren’t sure we were going to make it down safely into the gorge to the beautiful river location but we did after a bit of serious rock scrambling. The next couple of hours were spent eating, laughing, exploring and dozing off naked in the sun. We all fell asleep for a little while after a swim and I couldn’t help thinking how funny it would have been to be woken up by laughing or screams of surprise from strangers stumbling across seven naked men asleep in the wilderness.

The hike back up was tough and steep as you can see from the photos but the whole day, including the challenging bits was so much fun. Getting out and about in nature is the best and if you can do it without pants it’s even better.