For a long time after taking up male nude photography, it was very rare for me to be able to find models willing to pose full frontal. Largely that was fine by me as I hadn’t got my head around shooting full frontal in a way that people wouldn’t be distracted and focused on the cock. Then as I got more confident with my photography and the ideas I wanted to explore, that modesty started to get frustrating. At times I wanted to submit to websites like Dylan Rosser’s Themaleform but the guys willing to get it out and show it off just weren’t available.

Every now and then someone appear out of the woodwork and be fine with frontal and occasionally even erect. Something seems to have changed in the past year or two and I’m finding an increasing number of guys willing to go frontal and a surprising number who are up (pun intended) for erotic work. Perhaps it’s because I’m not trying to produce blatant, graphic content that is essentially porn. A man with an erection and even in a sexual situation doesn’t actually make it porn.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to photograph a real life couple who had got in touch wanting to collaborate on a shoot. We threw some ideas around but ultimately, inspired by a photo on the Instagram account of one of them, we settled on the two of them being let loose to do their own thing in bed. We wanted it to be beautiful and artistic and, as you will see when I get to release the images, we definitely achieved that. The guys stopped (just barely) short of actual anal sex but the photos are sexy as hell and still gorgeous, we didn’t need to go there.

Early the same morning saw Lucas here get naked for my camera at one of Sydney’s nudist beaches. Originally from Brazil we chatted on Instagram and he was keen to collaborate. Then he sent some images through that suggested frontal was going to be ok so I confirmed. The response was more images CLEARLY showing erect cock and the line “Sure, of course”. So here we are. The soft morning light on Lucas’ body looked beautiful and as you can see, he definitely wasn’t shy.