As photographers, putting work out into the world is a touchy thing to do. Especially with projects that we feel strongly about it can be very daunting to open yourself up to criticism. A while back, my mate Joel Devereux released a hardback book called Food Porn which was a beautiful, camp, fun ode to hot men and food. Apparently not everyone was impressed. Joel received a few complaints but one very enthusiastically worded one about how disappointing the book was because there wasn’t one penis in it. Joel had never actually promised peen in the book. If you are complaining about the price of a book just because it doesn’t have a pic of a penis in it, just how many penis pictures are appropriate to justify what I thought was a pretty decent price for a hard cover book full of photography that it took the artist months to produce?

In his usual style though, Joel has used this silly complaint as his inspiration and he’s just released a pdf download in response, called Food Peen. Whoever made the complaint about the last book had better keep their trap shut this time because this download is EXCLUSIVELY peen covered in food. Some of them are even a bit semi hard! Lordy. They’ll probably complain that it’s the wrong kinds of food.

If you want to get your copy of Food Peen, just go right ahead and click here.