A couple of weeks ago I went on a naked adventure with the group Get Naked Australia. In the year that they have been running the Instagram account they have very quickly grown their following to over 220,000 but it seems that Instagram has gotten it’s prudish pants on and the hashtag #getnakedaustralia has been shadow banned which means a lot of the images using that tag don’t show up if you search it.

The organisers are now increasingly concerned that the account will be shut down which would be a real shame and a completely hypocritical move. There are accounts on Instagram that show way more than the GNA page. They are on a mission to celebrate body positivity and the health and fun to be gained from non-sexual, social nudity. All of their posts are cheeky bums. There are no scandalous female nipples or any genitals. Most of the shots are people like me who love nothing more than soaking up the sun naked on a beach or taking a cheeky nude photo in the majestic beauty of nature.

These double standards of Instagram and Facebook are really getting quite boring. Why not crack down on the images of violence, the harassment and pornography. A cheeky bum in the wilderness is not evil.

The images above were taken on our naked adventure a couple of weeks ago. Such a fun day.