Yesterday I posted as I headed out the door to photograph a real life couple. It was one of the sexiest shoots I have ever done. The two men did everything but fuck each other in the shoot and there are some shots that will definitely be for their use only.

It was the unscripted, unposed shots that were the sexiest. Photographing a real couple means there is genuine emotions, connection and passion there to be captured.

With all the erotic stuff I’ve been doing lately I have been striving to make sure there is some beauty and creativity in it. I have no real interest in just shooting boners for the sake of it. We shot using available light streaming in through the window through vertical blinds so there were some really beautiful and interesting shadows creating mystery and gorgeous shapes. Don’t get me wrong, these photos will be very sexy.

With two photo shoots plus some other photography work done yesterday, I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to go through all the hundreds of photos that we took today but I imagine it will be a very sexy experience reliving the afternoon.