For my second photo shoot of the day I’m about to take on a challenge that I haven’t really experienced before. Instagram is the place that I am finding most of my models and this afternoon’s shoot is no different. The new challenge for me is the fact that we are doing a shoot with a real life couple.

Unlike my RED shoot, this isn’t as stylised and these two guys know each other intimately. I’m not sure how far in to the realm of erotica we will go. My plan for the shoot is to get some beautiful shots of them being playful in bed and on the lounge etc as well as some gorgeous shots of the two bodies all entwined.

One of the guys is pretty much up for anything but the other one is a bit more modest in his approach. I’m just going to play it by ear and I expect that there will be some shots that I won’t be allowed to publish. Having said that, I’ve been surprised lately at just what models are up for.