Some guys are just beautiful. Phoenix is one of those guys. He came to my attention on the Instagram of another Sydney based photographer. It was a bit of a lucky find to be honest as the shoot I saw was the only shoot he’d done with a professional photographer.

Phoenix and I caught up for a coffee to chat about doing a shoot and he was keen. His one stipulation, as with a lot of guys, was that there was no frontal. This whole shoot only took about 40 minutes tops. A friend was kind enough to let us do the shoot in their beautiful little back yard pool. It’s certainly not a pool that you’d do laps in but on a hot day, cooling off in the dappled shade, naked in complete privacy in that pool would be beautiful.

My general rule with retouching models is that if there is a blemish like a pimple or a scratch that will go away, it gets removed. If there is a scar, birthmark or mole, then I don’t remove it. Phoenix made me promise not to retouch out his psoriasis skin condition which you can see on his lower back and torso. He’s so beautiful that I hadn’t noticed it in his Instagram photos until he did a post about it.

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