It’s pretty safe to say that I am not a conspiracy theorist in the slightest. Flat Earthers and climate change deniers do nothing more than piss me off.

If anyone is claiming that the earth isn’t getting warmer then they just need to pop down here to Australia for a visit. We are half way into Autumn here and tomorrow is going to be 35 degrees celsius (95F), We are breaking records on a constant basis here for the warmest April, warmest start to Autumn etc etc.

Now even if you don’t believe, stupidly, that humans are contributing to this increasing heat of the planet and that it’s just a natural cycle, this is an increase that if it continues will wipe out humanity. That is if Mr Trump doesn’t start a nuclear war which will do it.

Surely, no matter what the cause of the increase in temperature isn’t it better to do whatever you can to minimise it?

Having said all that, I’m a summer boy, solar powered and I’m enjoying the extended beach season.