Swimming naked at night is one of those things that on paper doesn’t sound that special but it can be absolutely beautiful. A warm night, a quiet spot with just enough light, preferably with a friend or two or even better, someone special and it can feel magical.

Nine years ago I photographed a much younger Kieran than the man that appeared in my Red series just last week. He may not admit it but he came across as a bit of a lost soul at the time but a really nice guy. He took a chance on a stranger and volunteered to model for me and agreed to get into an ocean pool in the middle of the night in Autumn.

I have decided to go back and revisit these images putting them into a slightly smaller than normal download for purchase. Why is it smaller? Well the conditions that night didn’t lend themselves to an extensive shoot. Every exposure was 5 seconds which when you are working with a person is almost impossible. That’s why in most of the shots Kieran is leaning on the boards to try and stay as still as possible and in some where he is intentionally moving he looks almost like an apparition. A gorgeous naked apparition.

“Night Swim” is available now at brentondparry.com for the bargain price of $4.95. Head on over to my shop and buy it now, along with all the other downloads and limited edition prints.