Getting out of the city and having little adventures is always a good thing. Something I don’t make enough time, nor effort to do anywhere near enough.

Today was our naked adventure about 1 hour west of central Sydney with the group from Get Naked Australia. There were about 20 of us pretty evenly split between men and women and everyone was fantastic and welcoming.

My mate and I commented that it was a great thing to see a very normal group of people. No super hot people, no super hung guys, just very regular folks and all really chilled. We swam and relaxed chatting in the sun. One guy came a bit later than the rest of us and had to tell a family that were heading our way what they were going to encounter. We weren’t actually in a nudist spot but we were quite out of the way so weren’t too concerned. Nor was the National Park Ranger that spoke to us at the car park. She asked about the group, we told her and once she worked out that the name of the group was to be taken literally, she laughed and said “So that’s why you’re heading to the gorge then”.

It’s nice that a group of people just wanting to enjoy nature nude doesn’t cause any drama. The family that were warned just laughed and said thanks and the Ranger clearly didn’t care.