After shooting the series all the way back in November, now that QAMA is out I can release the full set of uncensored, uncrossed images and that’s exactly what I’ve done. In the 14th download to be released in my store, RED is full of sexy images of MrRevell and Peaks & Cheeks.

There are some very obviously perks to doing a shoot like this, having two beautiful, hung men getting their sexy on in front of you. I very much appreciate the guys taking the plunge and getting naked, hard and up-close with a complete stranger for me to take photos!

Head on over to to buy your download of RED, or any of the other 13 downloads, or a limited edition print. There are so many to choose from!

While we are on the subject of these downloads, I need a name for them. They individually have names but I need a short, easy name to call the whole series. Joel Devereux has the amazing DVRX series in the same vein. You should go and buy some of those too!

So if anyone has any ideas for a name for these downloads, please email me or comment on the Facebook page with your suggestions.