Being known as a photographer has it’s perks. There are times when someone truly stunning asks if they can model for me. That’s often a yes from me. If I can see that I’m going to get some images that I can use from it then it’s a collaboration. They get images, I get images. It all works nicely.
Sometimes I get enquiries about a photo shoot from someone who wants photos for their own reasons or I’ll get a message from someone that doesn’t fit what I look for in a model. In those instances I tell them what I charge for a photo shoot which is not an unreasonable amount at all. Today I had one of those enquiries. I told the gentleman my price and when I realised he was at least an hour away I told him he’d have to pay for travel time as well. All was proceeding nicely thank you very much. This was all taking place on my personal Instagram page, not my photography account.
The next question that pops up after he asks how the photos will be delivered etc is “Does this come with a massage?” Now I’m no prude and if there had been some flirty banter I might have brushed it off but completely out of the blue, out of context and following up on a professional request, just no. So I told him that wasn’t appropriate. He tried to say it was a joke but I just had a bad vibe by then so I blocked him on both accounts.
Why on earth would someone do that? I wouldn’t go into any other business, other than a massage business and ask if their regular goods and services come with a massage. Just don’t do that!