Don’t you hate it when you make a promise to yourself to do something or never do something again and then the one opportunity you get to fulfil that promise, you break it instead?
About four years ago there was a guy working out at my gym. We’d sort of nod hi and that was it. Then he disappeared. About six months later he turned up in the supermarket near my job in a very different part of town to the gym. He actually said to me “I know you don’t I?” and I explained that we trained at the same gym. Turns out he’d just moved to this other area and for some reason I made an assumption in my head that he had moved with a partner. No idea what gave me that impression.
After making polite conversation briefly, we parted ways and I kicked myself for not just asking him for a coffee or something. Anything. So then and there I made a promise to myself to ask him out if I ever got the chance.
Fast forward 3-4 years to last night. I was up the road from my house going to get some groceries and a bottle of wine and he was walking down the street. He didn’t see me. Do we all think I kept my promise, said hello and asked him out? Of course fucking not! I’m an idiot! The promise still stands though. If he is in my area that means I may see him again. No more chickening out!